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4th Russian Open Single Distance Races

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Kolomna 2014 1177 Master competitors (37 women and 140 men) from 8 nations RUS, BLR, KAZ, UKR, NED, GER, NOR participated on 4th..6th April 2014 at the 4th Masters’ Open Speed Skating Single Distance Races in Kolomna/Moscow Region. On the fast ice with excellent conditions in the magnificent ice hall quite a few skaters were very happy to skate at the end of the season a lot of new personal records, over all opportunity distances from 500m up to 10.000m. 375 season bests and personal records underlined the good ice quality and enjoyed not only the skaters, but also the friendly and watchful Russian organizers Sergey Orlov and Boris Repnin.

It was a pity that only 5 foreign skaters from the western part of Europe Ragnvald Næss and Jon Gauslaa (NOR) Waldemar Kramer and Günter Traub (GER) and Bart van Veen (NED) made this year the choice to compete in Kolomna.

The small group foreign skaters felt very well disposed from the proverbial hospitality of the Russian skaters and organizers. The competition was perfect arranged and the price giving was held very impressive at the modern auditorium of the grand sport complex around the ice hall. The generous up to date sport complex of Kolomna-Ice includes besides the 400m track, a big fitness center, a speed skating museum with the old very famous Russian speed skaters, Eugen Grishin, Lydia Skoblikova, etc. swimming hall, cafeteria and cantina a.s.o..

Under those positive facts all foreign Masters competitors can look trustfully forward to the Kolomna Organization of the 7th Masters’ Sprint Games next year in March 2015 in weekly combination with the 5th International Masters’ Single Distance Races.

Among speedskating and other things, Kolomna is one of the most exiting cities of the Moscow region and the whole Russia. It became one of the winners of the contest “Russia 10”. The city’s history contains amazing stories and legends, riddles and mysteries.

Kolomna 2014 2


Kolomna 2014 6   Kolomna 2014 8

I.Bezryadina, O.Yermolyeva, N.Rulkova                         T.Epaneshnikova, L.Filimonova, G.Popova

Kolomna 2014 4   Kolomna 2014 5

A.Kistenev, V.Voynov, A.Tyutin                                      A.Kokunov, Y.Osipov, Y.Darov

Kolomna 2014 7   Kolomna 2014 3

S.Loginov, G.Traub, R.Kuramshin

Kolomna 2014 9

Yuri Bogachev 75+


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